Lenn Air Park

Club Meeting & Fun Fly #3 will be held on Sunday, September 27th @ Lenn Airpark.

Club News

  • Take a look at John Hunton's latest project! John is building a Vought V-173 'Flying Pancake'.
  • The updated CMB Club Handbook for 2020 is now available. Check it out!
  • The new 2020 Club Calendar is now available. Check it out!
  • CMB Club member Bob Oldach is looking for a good trainer. If you have something that Bob might like, contact him via email: robert.oldach@hotmail.com or by phone: 703-618-9403.
  • The CMB Annual Club Meeting was held on Dec 15th at Lenn Park Pavillion (see photo below) About 10 members were in attendance. After the meeting, Nic braved a soggy field and got a flight in before calling it a day.
  • The CMB 2020 Application Form and the CMB 2020 Renewal Form are now available.
  • As a pre-curser to the Oct 12th Culpeper AirFest, Nic & Dave hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering, and Math) workshop on Wed, Oct 9th.
    (photo courtesy of Kirby Nelson)
  • Gordon Collyer and his student were buddy boxing and while they were at it they decided to lower the trees at the north end of the runway a bit. It's a "little" easier to clear the trees now! Thanks, Gordon !!
  • Gordon Collyer recently noticed a strange stress crack on his Hog Bipe. He has graciously shared his insight and repair of the problem. It's an interesting read. You can find the ariticle in the Articles & Reviews section at the left, or by clicking here.
  • FARM Club member Joseph Szczur participated in the 2019 F3A RC Aerobatics World Championships in Italy. Don Szczur has posted an Update from Italy. Thanks, Don!
  • The CMB Buddy Box Day was held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 @ Lenn Airpark.
    If you weren't there, you missed a really good time. You can peruse pictures of the event (photographed by club member John Barry) at the following link. This is also available thru the Photo Album link:
    Buddy Box Day 2019 (courtesy of John Barry).
  • Club Members: If you are interested in the mobile version of our website, then check out the Mobile Website link at the left for details on your options (including a CMB Club app).
  • Be sure to check out the Area Events and Fun Fly schedules!
  • See you at the field...