Lenn Air Park

Annual Club Meeting & Fun Fly #4 will be held on Sunday, December 13th @ Lenn Park Pavillion.

Club News

  • The CMB 2021 Member Renewal Form is now available.
  • If you are planning on (or thinking about) participating in the FARM Pattern Contest, it is requested that you pre-register on the NSRCA website. For more info on the FARM Pattern Contest, click here.
  • Delbert Mast is the newest CMB club member and successful solo pilot. After some self taught flying and the associated "Gorilla Glue", Delbert found CMB and began pre-COVID-19 buddy boxing in February. After the field dried out from the spring rains and the virus counts subsided, Delbert resumed buddy boxing on Gordon Collyer’s SIG LT-40. After a half dozen or so sessions on the buddy box and several unassisted LT-40 flights, Delbert recently completed a couple of successful solo flights on his own (well repaired) Horizon Apprentice. Well done Delbert! Be sure and introduce yourself to Delbert and say hello when you see him at the field!
  • Take a look at John Hunton's latest project! John is building a Vought V-173 'Flying Pancake'.
  • The updated CMB Club Handbook for 2020 is now available. Check it out!
  • The new 2020 Club Calendar is now available. Check it out!
  • The CMB Annual Club Meeting was held on Dec 15th at Lenn Park Pavillion (see photo below) About 10 members were in attendance. After the meeting, Nic braved a soggy field and got a flight in before calling it a day.
  • As a pre-curser to the Oct 12th Culpeper AirFest, Nic & Dave hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering, and Math) workshop on Wed, Oct 9th.
    (photo courtesy of Kirby Nelson)
  • Gordon Collyer and his student were buddy boxing and while they were at it they decided to lower the trees at the north end of the runway a bit. It's a "little" easier to clear the trees now! Thanks, Gordon !!
  • Gordon Collyer recently noticed a strange stress crack on his Hog Bipe. He has graciously shared his insight and repair of the problem. It's an interesting read. You can find the ariticle in the Articles & Reviews section at the left, or by clicking here.
  • FARM Club member Joseph Szczur participated in the 2019 F3A RC Aerobatics World Championships in Italy. Don Szczur has posted an Update from Italy. Thanks, Don!
  • The CMB Buddy Box Day was held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 @ Lenn Airpark.
    If you weren't there, you missed a really good time. You can peruse pictures of the event (photographed by club member John Barry) at the following link. This is also available thru the Photo Album link:
    Buddy Box Day 2019 (courtesy of John Barry).
  • Club Members: If you are interested in the mobile version of our website, then check out the Mobile Website link at the left for details on your options (including a CMB Club app).
  • See you at the field...