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Club News

  • The West Potomac HS Free Flight and RC Fun Fly - Indoor Fun Fly will be held February 5th at the West Potomac High School. For more details click here.
  • The new CMB Calendar for 2017 is available via the Calendar link.
  • The new CMB Club Officers for 2017 are available via the Contacts link. The Member Positions will remain the same.
  • Pictures from the Combined FARM/CMB Christmas Party can be found here (Courtesy of Nic Burhans). You can also find them by clicking on Photo Album and looking for Combined FARM/CMB Christmas Party.
  • Nic has updated the Local Lodging list for 2017.
  • Nic has updated the Bylaws for 2017 that updates the Multi-year Renewal Change.
  • Nic has updated the Application Form for 2017 and the Local Lodging document.
  • As the result of a suggestion submitted by FARM club member Michael Harper, we have added a Wanted section to our For Sale page. Mosey on over and check it out!
  • We have added the position of Quadcopter Training Coordinator to our Contacts list.
  • John Lewis and quadcopter check-flight pilot evaluator, Chris Bonsignore, are shown shortly after John's check-flight in a picture taken by training coordinator Gordon Collyer. John who has been flying small quadcopters at his house made an easy transition to his DJI Phantom 4. He discussed with Chris and Gordon the various Phantom 4 flight modes, parameter programming options and safety procedures prior to demonstrating successful control and operation of his Phantom. John is also training in fixed wing flying with Gordon and weather permitting should solo soon. Well done John!
  • Check out the newly updated Contacts list which now includes our R/C flight Training Coordinator info.
  • On Monday September 26th, The Culpeper Model Barnstormers (CMB) Radio Control aircraft club hosted the Culpeper Area Christian Home Educators (CACHE) at the Lenn Park's Lenn Model Airpark. Be sure to check out Gordon's write-up and photos here for complete details!
  • Terry Edwards has soloed! Working throughout the summer, Terry has advanced from park pilot status to a completed solo check-flight. Terry first mastered landings and then takeoffs on his instructor's Telemaster 40 in addition to the flight maneuvers he was already performing on his park plane. After numerous unassisted buddy box flights on Gordon Collyer's Telemaster and an instructor aided test flight of Terry's SIG Kadet, Terry soloed on the second flight of his Kadet. Congratulations Terry!
  • Check out Herb Weinberg's For Sale items!
  • Be sure to read the new CMB Members Handbook! This document has been updated to include new safety rules: see section #29. As always, this document is also available under Membership Info.
  • John Hughes has soloed! After working with instructors Terry Terrenoire and Gordon Collyer last year and this spring, John Hughes advanced from being cleared for park flyers to successful solo flights on his LT40 electric trainer. John worked hard and stuck with it even after a brief encounter with one of the famous perimeter pylons. Congratulations John!
  • Check out Charlie Koustenis' latest project! Charlie has completed and flown his P47 Razioback. Check out the conversion from a bubble canopy model to a Razorback. These photos can also be found under Photo Album.
  • Thomas Gallagher has completed training with his CMB instructor (Gordon Collyer) that began in April on a Telemaster trainer. He prepared for his solo flight on his new Sensei by completing several unassisted checkflights using a buddy box before being handed his transmitter and told he was "on his own" !!
  • CMB's 14 May Buddy Box Day for the Culpeper School System -- Summary --- News
    • - Just a short note to let you all know that the Buddy Box Day hard work by fellow members Les Broaddus, Gordon Collyer, Dan Jones, Terry Terrenoire, Kwang Ko, Garry Foveaux, Bill Pratt, Ernie Padgette, and Dave Rothbart today was highly successful.
    • - The Club buddy boxed 22 of the original 36 Culpeper School System students that signed up for today's event.
    • - However, 3 siblings, 8 moms and dads, 3 friends, and 2 walk-ins (a total of 16) were also buddy boxed today.
    • - That means that we expected to do 36, but actually completed 38 buddy box events along with Kwang Ko's flight demonstrations dispersed throughout the day.
    • - I will be getting the final report out to you all shortly.
  • The Culpeper Model Barnstormers had a good 7 May DC Area "Drone Day".
    • In spite of all the rain over the last two weeks which put 2/3 of our runway under various depths of water at the start of the day: News
    • - The event started one hour late due to the Culpeper Parks & Rec's annual Wicked Bottom 5K and 1/2 mile run/walk races in the County's Lenn Park.
    • - Had two pre-event inquiries as a result of the AMA's www.dcdroneday.com event website.
    • - Sixteen people showed up during the day. News
    • - Two quad copter pilots brought their equipment to try out our site. One was an experienced FPV and acrobatic quad pilot who put on a good show.
    • - We buddy boxed young and old event visitors. News
    • - The day's demonstrations included pattern acrobatics, mini and small quad copters, small and large foams, sailplanes, small float planes off the wet end lakes, and an Escapade off the very wet grass.
    • - Club and AMA Brochures and membership applications were passed out to all.
    • - We anticipate gaining three new club members.
    • - Had a visit from AMA D-4 VP, Jay Marsh, which resulted in interesting discussions (flying, dogs, and computers included) with the visitors and club members present.
    • - Despite the gloom and doom weather reporting, the Culpeper Model Barnstormers had an enjoyable, mostly sunny day, with all our visitors from the northern Virginia area.
  • Saturday, 19 March, was the Culpeper Model Barnstormers' "Its Too Wet; Bring Your Boots and Drones/Multi-Copters Open House Day" at Lenn Model Airpark. News
    • - Starting last Thursday, the weather people started forecasting gloom, doom, rain, and snow.
    • But, we proceeded forward and the event was a minor success with seventeen participants throughout the event's time frame.
    • - The participants included seven club members, three members from DC-SFRA clubs, three walk-ins, two referrals from Kwang's hobby shop, and two county representatives.
    • - The day started out at 10:00 am overcast, windy, and 40 degrees.
    • ---- At 11:30 am we were down to 35 degrees when Gary Foveaux started the grill for burgers.
    • ---- At the end of lunch the light rain started in small waves between flying intervals.
    • ---- By 2:30 pm we were seeing sleet and very small hail; flyers were dispersing.
    • ---- At the 4:00 pm event's end I was the only one left in the middle of a snow storm.
    • - Prior to the event, we reminded all of the FAA registration requirements.
    • - All the large and small multi-copters flown had FAA and AMA numbers [even my teeny Prontos].
    • - For those new to multi-copters, there were intro/familiarization sessions:
    • - For the multi-copter old hands, everyone got to try out different/updated models.
    • - All in all, we had a good time.
    • - And yes, the field was wet and those who did not bring boots regretted it.
  • Be sure to read the new CMB Club Pilots Briefing! This document is also available under Membership Info.
  • Please read carefully the new link concerning the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration requirements. The link contains pertinent info pertaining to the registration process. This link can also be found, at the left, under 'Membership Info'.
  • The Annual Club Meeting was held December 12th, at Lenn Park Pavillion. Nic Burhans started the meeting at 12:00 PM. The new board members for 2016 were voted upon. We then went down to the soggy AirPark and had lunch and flew our planes.
  • The Club Meeting & Fly #3 was held November 7th, at Lenn Airpark. Nic Burhans started the meeting at 1:00 PM. The Fun Fly was cancelled due to rain.
  • Check out the "Learning to Fly at CMB" item under "Membership Info" at the right!
  • Be sure to check out the 'Upcoming Events' schedule!
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  • See you at the field...