CMB RealFlight Field Model

Former club member Jim McWhorter has re-released the CMB Flying Field as two different formats. Here is what Jim has to say:

The current version of RealFlight, at the time of writing, is now Ver 7 (CMB-flying-field-level-II).

I am going to re-release the CMB Flying Field as two different formats:

CMB Flying Field - Level 1 which will be just our RC flying field. This will be easier to use if you don't have a gaming PC as the file is smaller and quicker to load. I've found that this format is much better for flying Helis.

CMB Flying Field - Level II: this format will contain not only the CMB Flying Field, but a small village with a metro train and an RC Flying Field in the park, a Lake for float flying, a Rustic Airfield, and a series of roads interconnecting these locations. Its kinda fun to use one of the car models and take a drive through the small town or head out into the country to visit the other sites.

Flying FPV @ CMB: The CMB Flying Field - Complete is great for touring using FPV models. I have uploaded a few. More uploads to come soon. Each of the models (Airplanes, Helicopters, Cars, and other weird, but fun to fly stuff) have all been tweaked to use Track-IR Pro. To find them - search CMB and download the models that you want to try.

Track-IR Pro: This is head-tracking software that provides the ultimate in-cockpit flying experience. You can look around the cockpit and outside the model while you are flying. Track-IR Pro is fully compatible with RealFlight 6.5, RF 7.0, MS Flight Simulator, and many other aviation simulators, car simulators, and much much more. It is literally plug and play. Check out here for info and demos. Here is an FPV demo of my Track-IR Pro in RF6.5 demo. Additionally, if you only want to fly Line-Of-Sight (LOS) Track-IR gives you the ability to look around your area while you are flying.

I am always interested in suggestions on improvements/corrections to the CMB Flying Field. There are other flying fields and model AV files I have uploaded to the Swap Pages, just look for the CMB fields by going to the Swap Pages. If I have new flying fields, I will be uploading shortly.

Installing CMB Field Model into RealFlight®

  1. Go to the RealFlight Swap Page for the Level I CMB field.
    Go to the RealFlight Swap Page for the Level II CMB field.
  2. Download the file(s) you want.
  3. Open RealFlight, and under the Simulation column, select Import.
  4. Select .rfx/g3x as the type, and navigate to the 'Open File' menu to your downloaded file.
  5. Click on Open and you are done!
  6. Finally, under the RealFlight Environment column, choose Select Airport, and select the CMB Field, and Enjoy!!!