CMB RealFlight Field Model

Club President Gordon Collyer has released a PhotoRealistic RealFlight CMB Flying Field as of Feb 1, 2024. The name of the RealFlight field is CMBr4_AP and can be downloaded from the RealFlight Swap Page link below.

Gordon says that this Lenn Model Airpark is based on the PhotoRealistic "Sodfarm" that comes with RealFlight. If you have suggestions or improvements/corrections to the RealFlight CMB Flying Field, please let Gordon know.

Installing CMB Field PhotoRealistic Model into RealFlight:

  1. Go to the Swap Pages CMBr4_AP and download the file (you have to log in to download).
  2. When downloaded to a PC it appears under the filename as: "CulpeperModelBarnstormers Lenn Field.RFX".
  3. When imported into RealFLight it appears as airport: "CMBr4".
  4. Enjoy!